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Decisive for your additional sales is the concept.

You are unique. Your products are of the highest quality. Live the wow-effect. Show your daily.

You need a concept that is thought through from the beginning, a partner who knows the challenges of your everyday work and the topics of the future and knows what to do today. From the perfect location with targeted planning, promotional store furnishings with modern architecture, impressive decoration with unique ambience and uncomplicated handling you get everything from one source.

We demand daily das Beste von uns, the best result, the best idea, the best benefit for your business success. With many years of experience, a variety of ideas and materials and the corresponding vision, we realize together with you your individual concept.

Your unmistakable strengths will be highlighted and your company clearly positioned in the market.

From the start Korte Einrichtungen works in close partnership with the craft. Partnership means sharing experiences and understanding the difficulties of the industry. Knowledge and insights flow directly into the products and concepts.

We observe the latest trends and are always up to date. For her.

“Als zuverlässiger Partner für Sie, Ihre Projekte, Ideen und Gedanken sind wir umfassend, wie gewohnt, da. Ihre Ansprechpartner können Sie nach wie vor direkt erreichen. Für die Besprechung von Plänen und den direkten Austausch zu Ihren Anliegen greifen wir für die nächste Zeit auf Videotelefonie zurück. So reduzieren wir das Risiko einer Ansteckung auf allen Seiten und kommen auch somit unserer Verantwortung nach.”

Lesen Sie den gesamten Brief von Herrn Thomas Korte.