Lightening is your number one seller!


Your customers will be seduced to buy.

How long are you working on a new recipe? How often do you test, taste, refine until you are happy? Only once everything is clearly acceptable you will put your new product on sale for your customer.

Your products are valuable, unique and deserve the big stage. So: Spot on! The real lighting concept for counter, shelves in the sales room, attracts, like a magnet and animates customers to buy. The right lighting concept for the atmosphere in the cozy seating area lets your customers linger and cheerfully come back.

You’ve got the best products. So do we!

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  • HELLA-Lightening – special products for bakeries. In exclusive partnership.
  • State-of-the-art LED technology. Your customers will melt with enthusiasm.
  • Atmosphere lightening for comfortable lingering.
  • Brilliant lightening in your counter for clearer merchandise presentation.
  • Perfect light colors for real products.

More sales, more success, more visibility with your own lighting concept by Korte-Ladenbau.